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Tunnel Aquariums

Tunnel aquariums are unique marvels that allow visitors to walk underwater exploring nature’s beauty. Magnificent and magnanimous as they are, tunnel aquariums embellish a few of our most prestigious projects across the country matching International standards of architectural marvels.

Unique concepts lead to stunning wonders

Large size Acrylic tunnels

Madoverfish® is setting new Benchmarks in the Aquarium industry in India. We are able to build huge size tunnels in India itself. We are proud to own the largest Acrylic oven in the country. Our Acrylic furnace can accommodate 9m x 5m long single piece tunnel.

On-site Tunnel Installation

Perfectly done tunnels are only half the battle won. The Acrylic tunnels will need to be installed into RCC groves. There usually are always variations in civil jobs, that make it challenging to install easily. That usually means accounting for margins and errors during acrylic installation. From Waterproofing using special epoxy treatments to using silicone adhesives for Acrylic installation – our team does it all. We have the necessary laser-guided tools and machinery for on-site jobs.

Acrylic Bending Quality

Since entire conceptualization to manufacturing and deployment is done in-house, we ensure strict QC in every aspect. Bending large size Acrylic to precision is a highly technical process. It needs accurate and precise technologies that we have (viz., PID controllers, Laser levellers & CNC tools) to achieve the highest quality standard. Our idea is to exceed expectations on every project we deliver. We are a certified ISO 9001-2015 certified firm.


We execute projects by sticking to the highest quality standards. Our customers depend on our project installations to perform trouble-free for years. Our expert team will do the job seamlessly and guarantee a 20-year no-leak.


Few of our stunning

Acrylic Tunnel Aquariums

How are Acrylic tunnels made

We at MadOverFish are proud to offer Tunnel walk-through Aquariums for public displays. Our successfully completed projects include Tunnel aquarium sections having 70mm thick semi-cylindrical acrylic thermoformed panels. The total length is 100 meters long and consists of 32 sections of Acrylic joined together.

We do complete processing of Acrylic at our manufacturing facility. This involves cutting the plain sheet to size and thermoforming Acrylic into our large size furnace. Further it is then cut at specific degrees to fit into RCC holds as per design.

Post bending, cutting and polishing the tunnels are again processed into the ovens for annealing. Later they are packaged into safe enclosures and are made ready for transport. Once at the site our rigger team using cranes and special purpose jigs use them to place in the right place. A complex installation process follows and is later tested for any leakages. Our engineering team has high level expertise in this custom Acrylic processing technology.

Visitors walk through these magical underwater tunnels to experience stunning sea creatures. Spotting Sharks, Rays, Groupers and other fish as they swim around you can be mesmerising.