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Vivek Kulkarni

Founder & CEO - MadOverFish

Passion for a global impact

As Founder and CEO of MadOverFish, it is my job to ensure that the brand we represent outlives me, by all means, and sets a vibrant example for the succeeding modern generations in the field of marine & wildlife education and conservation. Above all else, we aim to inspire people to cultivate admiration, love, and respect for nature in all its incredible diversity and do so with the help of a positive sustainable, and highly interactive relationship with nature for people of any age.

As an authority in this space, I strongly believe that the talented team behind MadOverFish will bear the burden of setting one of the most technically advanced benchmarks & thresholds which will be challenging for others to attain in the domains of architecture, engineering, and customer service based on the finest level of integrity within our day-to-day operations at the best value possible for our clients.


An Oceanarium is a modern term for a large aquarium for the display and observation of fish and other marine life. At Madoverfish we take this definition to another level. Oceanariums are man made habitats that replicate as close as possible the natural marine environment that permit the fish and other aquatic animals within them to thrive. Oceanariums are a window into the aquatic world and our best effort at bringing this world into the public domain.

Stand-Alone Aquariums

Custom designed aquariums for the home, office or retail space.


Add beauty, movement and life to open spaces.

VGP Marine Kingdom

India's First true Ocenarium in Chennai, with an almost 100 meter Underwater Acrylic tunnel with large Sharks and Rays is a true delight for the visitor. The project also includes 3 Huge panaromic Acrylic windows of 6mx3m.

Gujarat Science City

Indias Largest Public Aquarium in Ahmedabad, inaugrated by Hon Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the largest Acrylic panel supplied by us which stands at 16 meters long x 4 meters tall and 330mm thick.

RSM - Bhavnagar

Regional Science Museum is an impressive gallery of both Wet & Dry exhibits including Cylinder Tanks. MadOverFish executed this turnkey project which has more than 30 different exhibits.

Wetland Aviary

India's first walkthrough Bird Aviary in Mumbai is an impressive sight when you walkover the 20,000 square feet of landscape, bridge, waterfall, a huge stream of cascading water.

Zoological Exhibits

Understanding the needs of each species is of paramount importance in planning zoological exhibits. At Madoverfish we take the critical requirements and expand upon them to include behavioural enrichment, environmental enhancements, ease of maintenance and future expansion needs. The interaction between the animals under human care and the visiting public is carefully thought through to the benefit of both.

Tiger Exhibit

Tigers and all big cats that swim present a challenging combination of animal welfare, safety and visitor interactions. We design and build the best

Sloth Bear

Shivani the Indian sloth bear feels cozy in her home which was designed to allow Shivani to enjoy a rain shower.

Exotic Aviary

Using the lastest in containment materials and technology our designs ensure the most naturalistic habitats imaginable.

Interactive Knowledge Parks

Hands on experiences that invite visitors to see, feel and experience scientific concepts and interact with the technological world are ever more popular. Madoverfish specializes in bringing these exciting experiences to life, with the latest technology and imaginative theming.


Recreating natural habitats and biomes in a self contained structure, allowing visitors to experience wild places within an urban environment.

Wildlife Interpretation Centre

Telling the story of wildlife and wild habitats through natural exhibits and hands on visitor experiences.

Army Interpretation Centre

When you are tasked with conceptualizing and designing an Interpretation center in a dilapidated structure, and create a center that is engaging, informative and fun at the same time.

Heritage Interpretation Centre

In the modern world with technological advances, it is always a fun task to design and exhibit any heritage topic of interest and create excitement and education.