Custom Acrylic Aquariums

For Custom Acrylic Aquariums & Large Fish Tanks in India

We are India’s largest Custom Acrylic Aquarium builders for large residential,commercial spaces and Public Aquarium builder, Acrylic swimming pools

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We build Public Aquaria, Large Aquariums, Acrylic Pools & numerous varieties of Custom Acrylic Aquarium and other Acrylic projects in India

This fish is behind an ACRYLIC WALL

From Extra Large Acrylic Panels, Custom Acrylic Jobs you can use our Design services to make exhibits around Marine Life, and to keep it Crystal clear like this using our AMC Services – you are welcome to the world of MadOverFish

Use our Design Services for Acrylic Architecture & Design

If Quality is what you are after then look no further. We know how to translate abstract ideas into workable designs. At MadOverFish we have decades of experience in Modern Acrylic design concepts. We use custom Acrylic technologies & methodologies to create various Animal exhibits, Aquaria, Ponds, Pools, etc. We provide a complete feasibility study, master report, DPR, Blueprints, 3D walkthroughs, and complete architectural services. Learn More……

How to keep your Acrylic clear & shining all year round

New Customers usually worry about keeping Acrylic scratch-free. That should not be a problem because our maintenance services cover complete Acrylic polishing from both Dry sides as well as Wetside. With a complete range of tools, we can completely remove scratches and restore the shine and glaze of the existing panels to brand new factory-like conditions. Learn More……


A complete blend on unique artists, architects, engineers, planners and support staff – all dedicated to creating unbelievable Custom Acrylic Designs for Public Aquaria, for your luxury home aquarium, or Zen Koi fish ponds, Landscapes, exhibits and something extraordinary

How do we work


Phone Conversation

After our first contact, we will discuss with you the kind of Acrylic tank you have in mind, and suggest improvements. Once we have a sense of the elegance of your aquarium and level of fishkeeping familiarity you have, we will propose you an estimate, if it suits you, we organize an onsite survey.


Onsite Survey

We love to meet in person and do a complete survey and analysis. We’re more than delighted of our widespread portfolio of acrylic aquariums, comprising far more photographs than we can showcase here. Based on the discussion we will provide you a concept sketch of your new Acrylic exhibit or tank and even prepare a real-life 3D model for you to completely visualise.


Installation Pre-requisites

Our team would provide guidelines and suggestions for plumbing, HVAC and electrical requirements to be executed prior to installation at the site. After the site visit, our team would provide adequate details and drawings for your site thus ensuring that pre-requisites for installation and preparation of tank takes place simultaneously with optimum time scheduling.


Final Installation

The aquarium production procedure is typically complete within a 4 week period for average sizes of acrylic tanks from 1500L to 5000L. Larger tanks may take upto 6 weeks. Time schedule would be mutually drawn and we live up to our commitment. We can work together with your Architect/Interior Designer/Builder guiding of any practical requirements along the process. We can also offer our own in-house construction and cabinetmaking facilities if necessary, with all installations done by our own specialists.

Our Capabilities


In-house production facility for all sorts of custom Acrylic jobs, such as cutting, bonding, thermoforming etc. High tech machinery & precision power tools.

International Collaborations

International Collaborations with leading Acrylic sheet manufacturers & renowned Pubic Aquaria Architects across the Globe.


We have inhouse team of Architects, Visualisers, Artists, 3D artists, Photographers etc. who combine together to create Acrylic designs that are unique and tailor made for you. We want to ensure that you are proudly showing it off to your friends

Professional Team

Trained professionals and a 100% in-house team from the field of Plastics, Fabrications, Metal, Wood, Fiber, Electricals, Chemicals, Marine Biology, Water processing & Filtration will cater to every requirement in the whole scope of the Project whether directly or indirectly connected to Acrylic Aquarium or similiar jobs

Madoverfish Aquariums
Madoverfish Aquariums shared a memory.
Madoverfish Aquariums
Madoverfish Aquariums shared a memory.
Madoverfish Aquariums
Madoverfish Aquariums shared a memory.
Madoverfish Aquariums
Madoverfish Aquariums
There are 7 species of marine turtles in the world. The largest being the leatherback turtles, capable of growing upto 7 feet and weighing upto 700 kgs makes them one of the largest reptiles. Other species of turtles include the green sea, hawksbill, flatback, kemp's Ridley,
olive ridley and loggerhead turtles. Possessing unique abilities to dive upto greatdepths for foraging while holding their breath and surfacing. Their populations have declined severely due to pollution, diseases, ingestion of plastic and other waste, entanglement in fishing gear and collisions with ships. Many injured and sick turtles are washed up on shore, that have taken in by the research organizations and NGO's that care and work for their rehabilitation. Catering the turtles needs in captivity requires understanding of the biology and ecology. Along with that, a safe and controlled habitat is required which consists of tanks and life supporting system for maintaining the water quality and parameters that are ideal for nursing the turtles and releasing them back to into the wild. Our team at MadOverFish, has mastered the construction and setup of such tanks and facilities to care for sick and injured turtles. For more details visit our website- or call us on 8291007636

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Madoverfish Aquariums
Madoverfish Aquariums
Hi all , today we will give you a tour of the London aquarium. Dive in to an underwater world here at SEA LIFE London Aquarium, home to over 5,000 creatures. Explore London's flagship aquarium where you could learn something a-RAY-zing, spot a feeding frenzy or two and even meet some of our FIN-tastic friends. The London aquarium is famous for housing the worlds largest species of jelly fish. Hope you enjoy the video. Take care.

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Madoverfish Aquariums
Minimal aquascaping concept. Hope you guys like it. #minimal #madoverfish #likeforlikes #fishtank #mof #aquascape @ Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai), India
Concept design by Madoverfish.
More to come in the gallery. 🦈🦈 #madoverfish #mof #design #likeforlikes #shark #fishtank @ Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai), India
We unite to create the ultimate. Team meeting at Madoverfish headquarters. 😎 #MakeInIndia #meeting #startupindia #MOF #entrepreneurship
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