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MadOverFish was founded in the year 2009 and has quickly grown to be India’s largest and most recognized Aquarium company. We have played major role in construction of three of the largest Oceanarium projects (VGP Chennai, GSC Ahmedabad, RSM Bhavnagar) in India. We are the largest Acrylic suppliers in India with a 100% in-house facility for complete Acrylic works including thermoforming, annealing, bending, cutting, polishing, finishing etc. Moreover, we also have expertise in Rockwork & theme works, Life support filtration system manufacturing, complete import and care of exotic fish and animals etc. We have worked with the top companies in India and variety of private clients on some of the most desirable Aquarium and Zoo exhibits. 

We are appointed by various Government agencies in India and hired for design and masterplan development for various Zoos, Safaris & Aquaria. With a complete in-house team of Architects, Engineers, Veterinarian & Experts from various fields and people with established experience – our brute workforce has everything it takes to deliver projects seamlessly.


10+ Oceanarium projects globally


3 Oceanarium in India


250+ Stand-alone Aquarium Projects


5 Zoo Masterplans


10+ Animal Life Support System Projects


25+ Animal Exhibits

Projects worldwide our team members have been a critical and major part of: 

  • VGP Marine Kingdom, Chennai, India
  • Byculla Zoo, Mumbai, India
  • Bagh-e-Bahu, Tunnel Aquarium project, India
  • Bahina Bai Mini Zoo, Pune, India
  • Konkani Public Aquarium, India
& Many More. Contact us now to discuss more!

From idea to inception to flawless execution

Master Plan & Blue Print preparation is where the game begins. Discuss with us on how we can steer your project and your investment into a huge success story. It always begins with knowing exactly “what not to do”. This is where MadOverFish steps in. It begins by making the right expenditure of your money at the right place. The soft costs that go around simply preparing an architecture plan which many Architects may promise you – is probably not the best way to start an Aquatic or a Zoo project. With having worldwide experience and decades of cumulative experiences in variety of fields – our team at MadOverFish will help you craft a plan and be on your side in creating a master piece that would work as an inspiration for future projects to follow. With the right blend of technology (& avoiding unnecessary complications) we can simply your project, make it workable, keep the operational costs low and provide great value to your project. Talk to us to take this further.


Our Vision is to offer honest, value-for-money, high-quality products and solutions that stand the test of time.

We truly believe that in today’s competitive world, customers have gained the power of knowledge.


Our mission remains aligned to our vision, deliver the best quality at a sincere and competitive price.

Our Acrylic products, Filtration systems and Theme works are all designed to incorporate simple design elements that add value and reliability, not complexity, downtime and cost.


We appreciate that along with authority comes responsibility. We have been provided with the authority to design enclosures for animals and fish that allow us to appreciate their beauty, we naturally bear the responsibility of providing them with a home that closely resembles their natural habitat while ensuring that their health and lifestyle is maintained.

This became our simple philosophy, to recreate living spaces for captive species that are inspired by nature and recreate nature in a closed space.


Our Mantra is to provide cost competitive offerings in our product basket, be it Value-Engineered Acrylic of the highest quality, Filtration systems that are robust and work reliably to maintain water parameters, while still being simple to operate or Theme Works (Landscapes & Aquascapes) that are realistic and inspired by nature​

Working with international experts, we built our Acrylic Engineering facilities and developed in-house expertise to complete precision Acrylic engineering, making labour intensive processes like Acrylic cutting, bending, bonding, annealing and polishing cost competitive while maintaining high quality standards.

We designed and built simple, robust Filtration systems that will achieve desired water clarity and parameters using uncomplicated design elements to work flawlessly and reliably for years.

We then mastered the art of delivering Theme Works (Landscape & Aquascape Rockwork) employing unique technologies and delivered GFRP Theme works recreating nature in man-made spaces while maintaining their aesthetic appearance for years.

Was there any reason our mantra wouldn’t work !


Public Aquariums

Aviary Designing

Resort Experiences

Underwater Restaurant

Hospital Aquariums

Safari Designing

Research Facilities

Private Properties

Acrylic Swimming Pools

Theme Park Designing

Crocodile Exhibits

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