Our Team

At MadOverFish we aim to provide a one-stop shop from Concept designing, Architecture, Project Management, Sourcing of varieties of exotic species of fish & mamals from around the world. Our goal is to provide the right guidance & exceptional delivery to you in executing Mega Aquarium projects that will bring good ROI to the investment you make.

Vivek Kulkarni

Founder & CEO

As a child, I lived and slept with fish, dogs, cats, birds, snakes, horses, rescued wild animals, drive conservation projects with Forest officers in India, and have planted over 200,000 trees which are all thriving, I have observed and stayed in wild alone camping or with my dog, worked with HAM radio, written software code for IBM on neural networks & Artificial Intelligence way back in 2003.

Graduated with Engineering in Electronics & Telecom, and a PG diploma from IIT Bombay, worked for General Electric as a Global Leader handling telecom budgets & spends over $50 million annually, worked for Accenture Consulting doing Telecom and Network designs & providing consultancy for Fortune 100 companies in Europe, have done over 100 dives exploring the underwater, have bred Cichlids and more.Off late I’m enthused with Permaculture habitats as a hobby. 

MadOverFish is my dream, and my determination is second to none in making this brand and company successful, having the best talents, doing our service with highest integrity & passion to enthuse our clients and their guests with real admiration and love to God’s created nature.

Simon Norris

Executive Director

I have been a fanatical aquarist since childhood and have kept and bred hundreds of species of fish, Reptiles and Amphibians over the past 40 years or more. For 3 generations my family have been creating innovative solutions for aquariums and zoological exhibits spanning almost a century. I have a need to share my passion for wildlife and wild places and believe that people will only care for and protect what they can see and experience for themselves. 

Creating habitats that tell a story about their inhabitants that are naturalistic, stimulating, safe and easy to maintain drives my passion. Animals are great teachers and every day I learn and appreciate more about the importance of ensuring they are cared for; both in their natural domain and under human care. 

Suhasini Kulkarni

Co-Founder & Director

A seasoned professional in the field of Brand management, Visual merchandising, Marketing and communications, Suhasini sets the tone for how the customer needs to be presented with.

Groomed from a high end retail brand of Swiss Luxury Watch manufacturers handling country wide establishment of Stores, Product distribution, designing the right marketing framework and providing periodic directions to the Marketing team, she provides invaluable inspiration on Customer service and delight.

Having seen the company born in 2007 and witnessed its ups & downs and an ardent passion towards home & office interiors her unique standing in the company provides the necessary zeal for the teams to aim for more.

Joshua Reuben

Executive Director

I have always believed that if an organization wants to introspect whether it is doing things correctly, all it need to do is to check if it’s customers and users are happy. Going by this straightforward philosophy has always allowed me to depend on word-of-mouth publicity and my client’s patronage stands testament to my belief.

My motivation comes from something very simple… I showed my client a dream, it is now my commitment that my organization delivers that dream and transforms it into a reality with the highest level of precision and quality at a competitive cost for my client !

Fueled by this belief, driven by passion and supported by a team that is inspired by nature, we at MadOverFish have been able to deliver masterpiece Tourism Attraction Projects in the fields of Aquariums & Oceanariums, Zoos and Museums.

We dream that people should not have to travel across the globe to experience tourist attractions such as Aquariums, Zoos or Interpretation Centers, there should be one nearby in every city. In fact our projects should attract tourists from across the globe.

Mehul Patel

Head - Projects

When it comes to project management, the key deliverables are the most essentials which needs to be delivered within predefined Project management parameters which majorly evolves around time, cost, quality and safety.

These are the areas which drive me, and being a Project Head, this passion helps me a lot in delivering high quality, unique in nature projects within the optimised budgetary requirements with clients delights and when the projects are of nature which is creating natural habitat for the natural creatures, it adds impact,  a sense of pride and accomplishments.

And hence I always strive for continuous improvement and raising the bar as an individual as well as dynamic team of project execution.

Pankaj Purohit

Head - AMC & Procurement

My passion for fish started at the age of five which turned me  into a hardcore hobbyist, and that over the past 40+ years has turned me into a Senior Aquarist who heads ever expanding team to maintain all aquatic exhibits.

My philosophy of dealing with aquatic life is understanding their biotope requirements, feeding requirements & habits, building strong immunity and how the fish feels happy which a hardcore hobbyist can sense with years of experience.

I have had the privilege of dealing with lots of challenges through this exciting journey.

My love for nature, animals and appreciating its beauty has groomed me to understand their requirements in a more refined manner. Learning, observing and delivering with experience is my mantra of working.


Imran Khan

Head - Designs & Creatives

I have been a Marine-life hobbyist and an obsessed, ardent nature & animal enthusiast. This obsession, coupled with creativity, an eye for detail and a natural talent in charcoal art, miniature models, rock-work models, clay-art models, further merged with a graduation from JJ School of Arts allowed me to truly unleash my potential blending it with my passion.

My journey for the past 18 years from enthusiast to Head of Designs & Creatives at MadOverFish, has led me through an expedition of creativity, conceptualization, design-planning, feasibility studies, market research, people management and selling skills, with MadOverFish’s professional installations. My expedition has been truly sensational, through projects in public Aquariums, Zoos, Museums & Hi-tech Interpretation centers.

My vision is always to deliver a unique master peace inspired by nature, transcending far beyond client expectations. I aim to deliver distinctive masterworks backed by a core team of architects and designers.

Rajesh Golatkar

Lead - Tendering

I am analytical with strong skills and experience in Liaison with State and Local Government bodies, I specialize in Bid Processing and Management.

Being result oriented, my enthusiasm comes from my vision to be an integral part of large-scale Projects that bear the potential to drastically modify and upgrade our Country’s overall infrastructure and aid rapid development.

Being a part of an organization that delivers astonishing Infrastructure projects in the field of Tourism, allows me to truly unbridle my potential, I share my vision with teammates at MadOverFish, a vision to create amazing, marvellous Tourism Infrastructure Projects that would attract tourists from all over the world.

Karan Tak

Manager - AMC

I’m dedicated as Assistant Manager in Service Delivery(AMC), Providing the best service in class is what I aim for, Educating clients & team for the smooth functioning of all aquatic exhibits, My passion & love for animals started when I was a Kid and I enjoy it daily with MOF. Nature in an aquarium, and keeping it clean as nature is what I’m dedicated to with my Extra Ordinary Service Team.

Providing the best service standards for aquarium cleaning & maintenance, Good fish health, and Rich quality consumables.

Sumesh Ganesan

Manager - Finance

As a Finance manager of the company, my hands are full on day to day basis. From GST compliances, international monetary transactions, budgeting and accruals, working and devising new cost centers and WBS structures of the company I get sheer pleasure in working with an enthusiastic team like MadOverFish.

All project finances that span a variety of imports, intra-company transactions, vendor payments, client invoicing, reconciliations, customs clearances and keeping the backend of the company healthy and updating the senior management with the requisite data – I oversee all of the functional areas.

Baburao Padavale

Manager - Admin

His role as an ADMIN is to make operations of projects, logistics, procurement and day to day working smooth by close coordination with all team members. Providing administrative assistance in all routine matters and custodian of important official data, documents & stocks makes him a key person for MOF team members.

Usha Sawant


 Usha is a seasoned accountant and is tasked with day to day entries, foreign remittance payments, custom clearances etc. She works in the finance department.

Gaurav Singh


He is an architect and a writer, He spend a lot of time using his creativity and critical thinking skills to develop solutions for each specific place and person.

The nature of the space, atmosphere, and imagination of the specific person or individuals are usually subjective to interior design, and his love is turning those needs and imaginations into reality. He has good hands-on concept notes theory presentation.

Although his profession is architecture, interior design, writing occupies a significant portion of his life. Gaurav believe that writing allows him to channel his ideas and energies into right direction.

Kalipada Sur

Team Leader

Suryakant Khade

Team Leader

Team Member

Asst. Manager - AMC