Acrylic Polishing – Keep your Acrylic Scratch Free, Shining and Brand new, All 365 Days, Inside-Out

We at MadOverFish keep all our Acrylic Aquariums shining like brand new. So if you visit any Tank or Pool windows done or built by MadOverFish and maintained by us – keeping it new is a given!

Our professional Acrylic polishing activities for aquariums and swimming pools. Decades after installation, our polished acrylic aquariums still offer the “Installed today look” – that’s MadOverFish.

Acrylic Polishing and Scratch removal procedure

Basic Features of Acrylic

Acrylic is a soft material in comparison to Glass. However at MadOverFish we anneal the acrylic tanks or panels so that they are “toughened” in a way that they become “scratch resistant to over 65%”. Irrespective of this Acrylic polishing may become necessity over a period of 4-5 years and its a good idea to keep your project shining new. Acrylic restoration is akin to painting a wall every few years for that fresh look and feel. The good part of Acrylic unlike glass is that the Acrylic scratches can be removed and polished, glass cannot be. So although glass doesn’t get scratched easily, it does scratch over a period in time with countless hairline scratch, from sand off an aquarium or external mishaps. At that point, one has to either live with the glass or replace it. Good news is with Acrylic, it can be restored to new, factory like condition. Just goes to prove – why you should consider Acrylic for your next project !

Acrylic Scratch Removal types:

There are 2 basic places for Acrylic polishing. One is the Dry side (where Humans touch and see through), the other side is the exhibit side (which could either be Dry or Wet). There are entirely different methods to polish your Acrylic on the dry or wet side. Numerous points need to be considered. MadOverFish team specialises in all the forms of Acrylic polishing with intricate details to finish. We recommend you talk to us for any acrylic restoration job you may have. This includes but is not limited to Aquariums, Swimming pool panels, dry exhibits, Yacht windows, Airplane windows etc.

Acrylic Polishing Process:

Our Acrylic restoration experts have only one job – remove any scratches, inside or out, make it shine like hell and make it appear as though it just came in now from the factory. Scratch removal needs observation, assessment and decision on what grit sanding to begin the procedure. The basic steps for acrylic polishing include dry sanding, wet sanding, rubbing, buffing, glazing and if required vapour polishing. We use sophisticated and dedicated large tools (driven by pneumatic and hydraulic compressors) and range of high quality sanding blocks and glazing compounds for acrylic scratch removal and polishing purposes. At MadOverFish we love to take care of what we sell and we simply love Acrylic.