Acrylic Tank

MadOverFish has an exclusive tie-up with Evonik® Performance Materials GmbH,  (the original maker and inventor of Acrylic using the brand name Plexiglas® – which is used by the industry worldwide synonymous with Acrylic sheets).  Evonik® Performance Materials GmbH is an Acrylic giant with one of the best and strongest acrylic material and decades of experience. These acrylic sheets are used by us to make Acrylic Tanks.

MadOverFish also has exclusivity agreements for India with approved Chinese Acrylic manufacturers, we work with only high-quality Chinese Acrylic manufacturers whose material passes SGS test standards carried out by MadOverFish prior to each supply.

MadOverFish is the specialist across India when it comes to manufacturing acrylic tanks. Our in-house facilities and expertise allows us to carry out specialized activities related to acrylic such as Thermo-forming (i.e. acrylic shaping / bending), acrylic cutting, acrylic bonding and finishing.
Due to these unique skill-sets, MadOverFish has been in a position to offer customers & clients customised designs. From straight large bonded acrylic panels to cylindrical tanks to spherical tanks to tunnel tanks, MadOverFish has done it all.

Acrylic Cutting

MadOverFish employs world-class technologies for acrylic cutting (i.e. laser cutting, CNC cutting, circular saw, sabre, router), polishing (i.e. using sanding and buffing machines for dry and wet polishing) and finishing using special acrylic specific chemicals.

We strive to give superb & scratch-less finishes to your acrylic aquariums and provide guarantees against yellowing and leakages. Acrylic can add a unique touch of glamorous splendour to your homes and offices.

Acrylic Thermoforming

MadOverFish has in-house facilities for acrylic bending / thermo-forming to impart customized shapes to acrylic sheets of varying thicknesses ensuring zero post-bending distortion of acrylic panels providing exemplary viewing experiences.

Acrylic Bonding

MadOverFish prides itself on state of the art bonding technologies available in-house allowing us to seamlessly bond acrylic panels. We offer customers larger than life acrylic viewing tanks, panels & windows. Our seamless bonding ensures perfectly blended bonding edges with zero viewing defects during bond formation. Our bonded acrylic panels guarantee zero leakages and original bond strengths.