At MadOverFish we aim to provide a one-stop shop from Concept designing, Architecture, Project Management, Sourcing of varieties of exotic species of fish & mamals from around the world. Our goal is to provide the right guidance & exceptional delivery to you in executing Mega Aquarium projects that will bring good ROI to the investment you make.

Custom Large Acrylic Panels

Turnkey Projects & Animal Husbandry

Sharks, Sea Lions, Dolphins, Walrus and more

Rockwork Theming & Life Support Systems

Acrylic Engineering

Bigger the better – MadOverFish has partnered with CLAX Italia for Acrylic block supply. We understanding the nature and variety of various Acrylic available in the market, we get them formed to the shapes desired in an exhibit and finally install them with all safety considerations & full warranties.

VGP Marine Kingdom, Chennai.

The 3 large Acrylic panels are 160mm thick, 6mx3m  each;  forming an impressive semi circular viewing exhibit for a tank with 2 million liters of ocean water supporting a huge array of Sharks, Stingrays & other aquatic species. These panels were thermoformed & annealed by MadOverFish & supplied to VGP Marine Kingdom Project in Chennai, India.

Disclaimer – Credit to the rightful owners for media. Simon Norris was associated in direction & execution of these projects via his previous engagements.

Building Oceanariums is an exciting journey by itself. Lifting of huge & thick acrylic blocks, cutting them to size with precision and bonding them is a long process by itself.  At MadOverFish we put special efforts to create designs that work for the animals and create a spectacle for the visitors. Designing exhibits which promote interaction with the visitors, develop love towards animals & create a sense of inspiration to conserve nature, admire the magnitude & vastness of Oceans, Rivers & Lakes, pro-typing specific landscapes found underwater and replicating them with the right blend of fish – a whole lot of thought process goes behind it. 

At MadOverFish we create inspiring designs which are cost effective, spectacular in nature, have the right engineering & life support systems, and a team that is full of enthusiasm to do a great job!

Public Aquarium Concepts

Architecture & designing in this specialised field of Oceanariums comes at a hefty price. Our value proposition to our customers is to bring these costs down to ZERO. We walk hand in hand with you, do a complete economic study for sustainability and provide you a blueprint of how the Aquarium will function, the amount of investment you need to make and even partner with you on equity basis. Our designs are created with variety of considerations both aesthetic as well as financial and that would probably be our USP. With a reliable partner as MadOverFish, we become your one-stop shop that can do the entire management & operations for your next Oceanarium project. We also work on refurbishing of old Oceanarium and realigning the goals to cater to larger number of visitors translating to a larger revenue

Unique Aquarium Concepts

Masterplan of an Oceanarium