Saltwater Aquariums

These are our favorite. With unmatched bright colors of the fish, to live coral reefs and the sophistication that brings the satisfaction of the hobbyist in you, we highly recommend you look at Saltwater Aquarium for your new project.

Freshwater Aquariums

With a wider scope of making themes, and creating habitats that resemble a particular lake or river from the world, the creativity here gets endless. With simple to run and energy efficient systems freshwater systems we build are interesting and a sight to behold.

Rockwork Theming

Tell a story, create caves and habitats. Make the fish feel that its not limited by the boundaries of the Acrylic. Make the same tank look different from two opposite sides. Our creative team will work with you and create something encompassing and unique.

Artificial Coral Reef

 It becomes imperative that for large Aquariums where you need it to be brightly coloured, flashy and with tons of fish swimming around and still have it relatively much easier to maintain than a Live Coral reef tank, this is the way to go. We source rocks from the best in business, and also handcraft them ourselves.

Custom Cabinetry

Specialized Lighting & Automation

Life Support System

Maintenance & Care

Our Design Philosophy

A Concept Must Be Creative. Innovative. Practical.

Infinity seamless Acrylic tanks

Invisible Bonds

Seamless finishing and Bond quality in Acrylic is guaranteed in MadOverFish Tanks

Acrylic Cylinder Aquarium

Great Shapes

Shapes such as Convex & Concave, Trapezoid, Cylinders and Hemisphere all are possible

We're MadOverFish

The word says it all. We love creating the habitats for you that you will truly enjoy. It would be worth your money and your time investment. Its always a pleasure and we request our clients to spend dedicated time enjoying the natural beauty. It also helps us to get the feedback and attend to an issue before it becomes a problem. We don’t fit and forget, we care – for the fish and for the project and for our reputation.

Artificial Reef

The camera cannot capture the stunning beauty of the Aquarium we built for our dear client. I visited this tank after 5 years and it has only become more beautiful. The only upgrades that happened were on the LSS system. This 25 feet long Saltwater Aquarium that is 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide holds an array of amazing Saltwater fish. Its the pride of the household and you can simply ask in the society to point to the house which has the most bad ass aquarium.
-Vivek Kulkarni