Aquarium Installation

Aquarium Installation can be treated as an ordinary service or can be treated like a technical craft. We at MadOverFish work with passion to make the entire aquarium installation a highly interesting visual treat ❤️.

We have seen our clients turn into kids when their Acrylic aquariums come nicely packed at their places. We have seen the clients and their kids and families glued watching the aquarium installation.

Acrylic Aquarium Installation
at a glance:

Acrylic Aquariums or Acrylic fish tanks from MadOverFish come nicely packed 👍. The packaging is professional, safe and pretty exciting to look at. The entire LSS components come pre-assembled and in parts. All custom LSS equipments are tested and are built specifically for the specific Project. Doing a custom aquarium job means huge list of items are custom designed, and custom built. Thats the exciting part. Rather than having an aquarium off the shelf and having to live with it or do almost impossible alterations, its far easy to work with MadOverFish 😍and get a future ready tank built. So rely on us to make your Home Aquarium installation a breeze. Contact us for your next Aquaria project installation. What we specialise and are proud about is:

  • Delivery as per commitment
  • All pre-during-post surveys and technical studies carried out by our Projects team
  • All rigger and heavy handing manpower teams with complete EHS and Insurance procedures
  • Heavy equipments such as cranes, Hydras, forklifts and HPT used for efficient handling
  • Coordination with local MEP team for piping and plumbing for input/drainage water lines during civil construction stage
  • Complete finishing of furniture, civil, paint jobs carried out by our team post installation

How Custom large Acrylic Aquariumare Installed?

Once the acrylic tank is placed in the desired place, all plumbing lines to LSS systems are fixed.  A separate LSS team then does all the water inlet/outlet connections to external source and to the tank. Our Artist team will then carry out the entire pre-designed landscape or aquascape of the fish tank. Next LED lighting is installed and programmed. With all these components in place water is added and entire testing is done for any sort of leakages in pipes or bulkheads etc. After 24 hours of testing phase, water is drained out and service team takes over. The job of the service team is to add the right water 💦, later add desired salts and balance all water chemistry and parameters. The usual nitrogen cycle and all the SOP’s that we maintain are carried out via an extensive checklist. Our Sr. Aquarist with his team of biologists will do the entire job of setting up the aquarium further and adding fish.

How large Acrylic or Public aquaria are built ?

Every large Acrylic project is unique. It comes with its own set of challenges and we work towards ensuring all points are considered in a professional manner with all contingencies. For example using a huge crane or using chain-pulley for high vertical lifting we at MadOverFish manage everything. Usually large tanks are one or two or three sides of Acrylic that are installed into RCC. During such instances of acrylic installation, epoxy layering, pre-testing and silicone application of acrylic panels takes place. Upon completion of the silicone cure, water or hydro testing is carried out for a period of 48-72 hours. Later water is drained and further processes are carried out by the Aquarist team.

So be it large custom Aquarium or Public Aquaria, you will be very glad to work with MadOverFish team. We ensure highest quality standards and work very closely with our clients ✌️