Large aquariums create landmarks within your Architecture

We at MadOverFish create some awesome Large Aquariums for literally everyplace. Large Aquariums could be designed in usual places such as Lobby and Reception area OR can be constructed in not so but crazy places like Restrooms, parking lots, entrance garden areas or even roof ceilings. Now we really love ❤️ crazy clients who want to go Mad over fish designs – and want large Aquariums or water bodies and for such crazy aquarium designs we also provide a special discount to these clients 😊.

A MadOverFish aquarium is a show-stopper

Construction of Large Acrylic Aquariums is an exciting journey by itself. Lifting of huge & thick acrylic blocks, cutting them to size with precision and bonding them is a long process by itself. We at MadOverFish love to then take extra special effort to create some crazy designs inside the tank. Aquascaping large tanks is a pretty challenging affair. The usual designs you see over internet are those with artificial corals or some themes. There is nothing wrong with those themes. However the whole concept of designing a large aquarium is to consider the following points:

Our Pretigious Aquarium at Belgaum

The Masterpiece

A soothing aquarium in a hospital lobby

The making of a monstrous aquarium in Hyderabad

Curved Acrylic Marine tank on display with artificial corals & brightly colored fish

Large acrylic aquarium at home

We design Large Aquariums tastefully and build them robustly to last years without leakages. Our Life support and filtration systems are designed to run 24 x 7 and in robust environments that should last few years at the minimum. We take immense pride in the way our large acrylic tanks are built, and we want every next project to be better. For the best quality large acrylic aquariums in India or abroad , simply Contact Us.

The thick acrylic blocks that are used for the large aquarium undergo the entire process from Cutting, annealing, bonding and polishing. Further it is packed and transported to site. Large Aquariums we have installed for prestigious clients such as Indian Navy, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, HPCL and various Public & Private sectors such as ITC, Novotel, Marriot, Ramada, Orchid – (Please check Portfolio) which carry special mention are standing nice and bright since last 5-8 years.

Clients can choose either Freshwater tanks or Saltwater tanks. Both tanks have their pros and cons and significantly affect the total cost of ownership. We recommend you discuss with MadOverFish experts. We love chatting with fish loving people.

Large Acrylic aquariums can be done in various shapes such as:

  • Rectangle Acrylic
  • Cube Acrylic
  • Bow Front Acrylic
  • Tube or Cylinder Acrylic
  • Semi or Quarter Cylinder Acrylic
  • Hemisphere Acrylic
  • Wave shaped Acrylic
  • Custom shape Acrylic tanks and more