Our stunning designs give birth to marvels

MadOverFish has a team of architects and designers highly skilled in Concept Designing, Aqua-scape Designing, and Architectural Designing.

Unique themes & concepts need solid architectural designing & Planning

Aqua-scape Design
Concept Design
Architectural Design

Based on your proposed project requirements and site location, our team of architects and designers would conceptualize and provide designs including exemplary land-scapes & aqua-scapes. We understand both aesthetic and practical aspects of designing which gives us the edge in ensuring that we develop concepts that are aesthetically pleasing while still being practical to implement and maintain over time.

Conceptualizing aquariums that stand out amongst the competition

MadOverFish has the in-house expertise to create the required sketches, 3D designs, sectional views, and walk-through videos to provide the necessary “Wow- effect” while presenting project concepts to your end- customers ranging from prestigious tender committees to builders to hotel senior management.

A team of experienced Architects and Designers who do not think just straight lines!

Our team of Architects & Designers need to have a unique skill set that goes far beyond standard norms. Our landscaping for oceanariums or aquarium aqua-scaping concepts and design themes are complemented by our experience of delivering and maintaining magnanimous projects over the years.

BOQ and Project Blueprints

At MadOverFish, projects start with detailed architectural designing & planning


A detailed BOQ allows our clients to estimate budgets and implementation costs right at the onset of the project. While it assists our clients in cash flow management, a detailed BOQ also allows clients to place winning quotations while filing tenders.

Project Blueprint

Blueprints help all project stakeholders to envisage a project’s action plans and deliverables while having timelines assigned to each deliverable. While project blueprints provide a clear action plan, they also create benchmarks for project implementation timelines motivating our dedicated team towards on-time project completion.

At MadOverFish our project implementation starts with preparing intricate project blueprints and a detailed BOQ. A project blueprint allows all stakeholders to have a clear implementation plan and timelines involved. A detailed BOQ allows our clients to draw up cost estimates for the project and to evaluate the step-by-step project implementation cost.