Large Acrylic panels for your Landmark Aquaria Projects

Landmark projects are usually designed with Extra Large Acrylic panels. Large panels allow the Architects and Designers to work with new designs that were thought to be impossible earlier. We at MadOverFish provide the expertise to import and handle the logistics of large Acrylic panels in both monolithic and multi-cast formats from the best factories in the world.

About Extra Large Acrylic Panels

Acrylic sheet (PMMA) is a versatile material. It serves great optical and structural purpose. Because of its transparency it is utilised where resistance against static as well as dynamic forces must be withheld. When building large aquarium transparent windows for maximum visibility – the structural properties of Acrylic become more important than optical properties. The key item in the design of large acrylic panels is its ability to carry loads in the form of pressure. Large Acrylic panel must be designed to select maximum working stress and Safe working loads.

Various manufacturers of large Acrylic panels produce various grades and quality of Acrylic. It is difficult for Engineers or Architects or Project owners to decide which Acrylic to choose. It is even more difficult to find out the true quality of Acrylic. This is where we can help you.

We at MadOverFish have industry wide associations from manufacturers in Europe, USA and Asia including China. Although there are renowned companies producing large Acrylic panels, it must be thoroughly studied which manufacturer meets the requirements of such projects.

The usual size of Acrylic produced world over are as below:

2.4m x 1.2m

3m x 2m

5m x 3m

6m x 3m

For large Acrylic panels the thicknesses produced are as follows: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm & 200mm.

Now there are various applications in the Public Aquaria or Oceanarium world where panels larger than the above need to be used.

Joining to create Extra large Acrylic blocks:

We at MadOverFish have expertise in joining blocks of various sizes to create the large panels. There are times when it is logistically impossible to transport extra large Acrylic panels. As an example in GSC Project, Gujarat, India, we are transporting a single panel from the factory which measures ~ 16m x 4m long and ~ 350mm thick. On the same project we will be joining multiple large Acrylic blocks on-site to create a single Acrylic panel of size 9m x 8m x 250mm thick. This particular size cannot be transported by road, and becomes a huge logistical challenge to install it as one single piece on the project site.

At MadOverFish, we have the expertise to install large acrylic panels by joining them onsite to create large sizes. All bonding of large Acrylic panels are done in-house by our team using the parent materials MMA with our proprietary technique. We encourage you to contact us to learn more on how we can help you. Our team has carried out multiple large acrylic installations.

We are the pioneers of luxury aquariums in India.

Completing projects on time requires detailed planning and dedicated implementation. Well planned material movement avoids unnecessary delays and effectively helps save cost.

Thickness of acrylic

Unusual Size of Large Acrylic Panels

We at MadOverFish work with very few manufacturers who can produce Acrylic as per below sizes and thickness. We can provide Extra large Acrylic panel sizes as below:

8m x 3m & 10m x 3.5m

The Acrylic thickness of the above blocks is usually 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and 350mm. These sizes mentioned strictly for Monolithic single cast Acrylic.

There is a method called “Multi-casting” Acrylic blocks and second of “Laminating” acrylic blocks. It does so happen that for structural purpose a thickness larger than what is produced as standard may be necessary. It can be achieved by these methods. We encourage you to talk to us and we can explain the perfect Acrylic for you.