Feasibility Study

MadOverFish provides an analysis of the factors that account for overall aquarium installation & maintenance. We complete a Feasibility study of all economic, technological, legal and scheduling factors while advising customers on the installation of tanks, whether it be at home or office.

Project Feasibility Study

Technical Feasibility

This section of feasibility study focuses on the technical resources available to the organization. It helps determine if the technical resources meet the requirement and to estimate if the technical team could transform Concept to Reality. Technical resources may include hardware, software or other technology required for the proposed project.

Economical Feasibility

This evaluation of feasibility study focuses typically on the cost for implementation of the project. Cost plays an important role in project implementation and detailed cost budget provided by MadOverFish allow for adequate Cash Flow projections.

Operational Feasbility

Accurate planning is the key to successful project completion. At MadOverFish, our experienced project team ensures proper planning to coordinate operational nuances ensuring successful delivery of projects.

Scheduling Feasibility

Accurate planning is only half the battle won, at MadOverFish, we believe that nothing can be achieved without dedicated efforts to implement plans, our project team works harder to implement plans and stick to deadlines since we understand that time we spend unnecessarily is money our client’s waste.