Repairs & Restoration

Every Aquatic Exhibits are subject to wear and tear due to various reasons. We have a team of professionals who are experts in their work for doing repairs and restoration of Aquascape and features which get damaged while underwater cleaning or diving. Even there are issues of leakages that have to be addressed whenever the need arises and the same are to be rectified on war footing. We take utmost care of using food grade and non toxic items for such repairs and restoration to avoid any harm to aquatic creatures.

Acrylic Restoration

Usage of best international branded items are used for restoration of Acrylic as regards scratches and polishing which are common issues.

Filtration Equipment

Branded Filtration Equipments with ease of operations are used and suggested in all our Exhibits with best Maintenance procedures followed.

Theme Maintenance & Enhancements

Our Exhibits have a Theme to convey and timely Enhancements to the same are being done on the same lines to maintain the aesthetics.

Acrylic Restoration

Acrylic is one of the most preferred material in Aquarium and Dry Exhibits which have the quality of being able to be restored in its original form after proper buffing and polishing. We have experience and our team will restore the Acrylic inside and outside water using pneumatic guns and polishing equipment without emptying the exhibits or removal of aquatic creatures. All the precautions for safety of creatures and aesthetics are taken care of by our expert team who have vast experience in polishing and buffing of acrylic over the years.

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Step 1 : Scratched Acrylic

Acrylic are subject to scratches due to various reasons which may be mishandling, during maintenance, public nuisance, etc.

Depending upon the depth of scratch and length a plan of action is devised using various grit of wet and dry polish papers to achieve the even surface for further procedure.

Step 2 : Sanding & Buffing

Once a scratched Acrylic is received for restoration Sander machine with Velcro sanding papers of high quality with various grit numbers are used to achieve the best surface preparation for buffing activity.

High quality buffing and polishing creams and pads are used to bring the original shine.

Step 3 : Results!

On following the proper Restoration procedures for Acrylic scratches and usage of proper polishing cream and Lambs wool and sponge polishing pad we get the desired results making the Acrylic bring to its original form.

We have expert team who have been experienced in such restoration jobs over the years and satisfied customer with their workmanship.

Water Flow

Water Parameters

LSS Components

Skid Systems

Filtration Equipment

Every Aquatic water body consists of LSS which consists of various Filtration Equipment like Sand Filters, Carbon Filters, Bio Filters, Pumps, UV, Ozone, Proteins Skimmers, Degassing Units, Air Blowers, Wavemakers, Lights etc. We have also built our Skid System which incorporates one unit consisting all features and inputs mentioned above with best performance.

Theme Maintenance & Enhancements

All Exhibits for Aquariums and Zoos are subject to Theme maintenance wherein wear and tear during operations and cleaning procedures or routine issues are faced. We have our team who are aquascape experts and artists to restore the features and create proper aesthetics for best showcasing of Exhibits with backup features and add-ons as per requirements.

Repairs of broken portions

Colouring & protective coatings

Facility addition

Back of the house enhancements