Staff Management

Our Team of Maintenance consists of Marine Curator, Aquarist, Biologist, Scuba Divers, Service Executives and LSS Operators with additional support staff. We follow best management practices for smooth operations with proper flow of work procedures and delegation of duties as per prescribed protocols. Proper hierarchy and work responsibilities are specified to staff in their Job profiles and they are expected to be following the same with sense of responsibility and integrity.

Concept Sketches & Project Presentations​

3D Concept Visualizations & Virtual Reality

Scale Models & Material Samples

Hi-tech ArchViz & Project Designing

Staff Meetings

Staff Training

Maintenance team are subject to training procedures which are being monitored by the Senior Managers in the team. Scuba Divers have been PADI certified with proper training performed before getting certification. We have inhouse training programs to give updates and practical trainings for best performance to be done at sites and exhibits for proper maintenance procedures to be followed. Training programs done by Government bodies are also being attended by Maintenance staff for certification courses to improve their skills and knowledge.

Audit & Inspection

We follow surprise checks and visits for Inspections at our various sites to monitor the ongoing maintenance working to get best updates and keep the staff alert with such visits. This also makes Senior staff responsible for taking stock of the situation at clients facility and the working environment and maintenance team to be vigilant for such Inspection and audits. During training the staff are appraised of such Audit and Inspection so as to make them aware of working with determination and responsibility.

On-site Staff Audit