& its Handling, Logistics & Safety

We at MadOverFish ensure just awesome and delightful end user customer experience . Material handling of large Acrylic is one of our core expertise. With proper packaging, logistics, usage of jigs, tools and equipment for completion of projects & improved efficiency in transporting products by air, sea or road – we do it all. Further to maintain shortest lead times while implementing projects & ensuring 100% EHS safety while handling large Acrylic panels – you can simply rely on MadOverFish.

Who moved your Acrylic 👏

Acrylic Aquarium & Pool projects in India are getting larger – they are also getting more complex. With the continuously changing infrastructure within India with road developments, railways etc. the scenario is quite dynamic. Generally speaking within the project sites, safety is “usually” not always enforced by Civil contractors. Working through various such issues, we at MadOverFish will always ensure to get the most complex of the jobs done. Material handling and movement of Large acrylic panels is not easy. Acrylic needs its special care, in terms of packaging, support structures etc. This material handling part needs its deep understanding of how the underlying Acrylic material is. There are times when extra-large acrylic panels are joined already before shipping. The frame building and the overhang supports of those panels must be engaged correctly. Wrong application of forces may lead to catastrophic failures.


Acrylic weighs a lot. And huge acrylic panels and tank weigh in Tons and in many Tons. Handling them safely is paramount. Wrong usage and half knowledge is a lethal combination to kill a project. At MadOverFish we take care of all the engineering aspects to the fullest. With local knowledge and industry expertise you can count on us to Deliver

While handling projects, we ensure that our customers do not need to worry about the logistics for material movement for the project. We handle the safe, efficient and smooth movement of extra-large panels to the site and also as required to higher floors.

Some examples of large panels we have handled:

  • Tank measuring 15’x4’x3′ to be hoisted on 18th Floor of a building
  • Tank measuring 27’x3.5’x3′ in a basement
  • Tank measuring 15′ x 8′ x 4′ on the 38th floor of a commericial tower
  • Large Acrylic Panels measuring 6m x 3m
  • Curved Tunnel aquariums measuring 5m x 2.2m
  • Huge curved acrylic panels of 8m x 2m bends

Managing the entire logistics of Acrylic from the port of Import till the project site remains our core responsibility as India’s top Aquarium company. We would love to hear from you on your next Acrylic project.