Life Support System

Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing

Life Support Systems are core brain & heart of your Aquarium or Pond system. They come in various sizes, purpose or functionality, and come with numerous modules. At Madoverfish, we make some of the Ultimate Life support systems in the world. We supply our modules to large public aquariums or build them at the site itself. We do it ourselves for all the Aquariums we build and also export on order certain units on requirement.

A typical Life Support System (LSS) by Madoverfish for a High end Aquarium consists of the following:

  • Mechanical Water filtration units
  • Chemical reactors
  • Biological bacteria holding bank & varoius biological media
  • RODI (Reverse Osmosis De-Ionization) Water purication. The goal is to achieve 0 (zero) TDS purest form of water
  • Dosing Pumps – for adding various chemicals for water chemistry balance
  • Remote monitoring modules to check pH, Salinity, Ammonia, Nitrites etc.
  • Temperature controllers with Water Heaters and Chillers
  • Canister Filtration units
  • Acrylic sump and compartment chembers
  • Refugiums, DSB boxes, and ATS screens
  • Automatic water changing systems
  • TDS controllers
  • Return pumps & Plumbing
  • Electrically operated solenoid valves
  • Safety valves and pressure release valves
  • Apex System
This is not a complete list nor does it mean that every Aquarium system built needs to necessarily have all of this. It boils down to the design and considering size of the Aquarium, type of Aquarium (i.e. whether Tropical or Saltwater aquarium or Pond systems). Madoverfish will design the whole system and commission it based on what is required, whether its optimal and what kind of accommodation it needs.

Equipment used for saltwater aquariums:

In-Cabinet aquarium life support system

In simple terminology, “In-cabinet” filtration units are complete ‘Life Support Systems‘ that are housed below, adjacent, above or behind the Aquarium (or also called as Display Tank).

Madoverfish are pioneers in India in providing Ultimate compact & highly efficient filtration units with automatic water changing modules, with completely hidden piping from the Display tank area, bottom & or side drilling of the tanks (after calculation of all water flows, pressures and return pumps head height, nozzles etc.) in a safe way to our clients. All of the systems are completely in-house designed, are exible to change or alter in future and we use all industry standard settings for most areas. The detailed designing is done simply to ensure that the water clarity and aquarium cleanliness is optimum at any given point in time. We take utmost care in ensuring leakages never happen, the living area never spills water and enough safety precautions are taken to avoid electrical leakages (shocks) in Water.

Remote Filtration system

Remote filtration systems by Madoverfish provide a convenient way to connect the ‘life support systems’ to Aquarium and Pond systems in a far-off location. This provides easy access for maintenance of the tank, provides more space for the Display tank area and at the same time does not clutter the space. It also provides zero noise operation in the Living or the Display space.