Ornamental Lakes & Ponds

This is something that excites us even more than other projects – primary reason being you are creating a small (or large) water reservoir, feeding to the nearby garden or fields, collecting rainwater – you are planning to do something that ticks all the right boxes in the “love the nature” theme. At MadOverFish we work to create natural looking and eventually becoming natural ponds and lake projects for you. With complete habitat occupation such as fish, turtles, frogs, aquatic plants and the necessary life support system – this would probably be one of the most important project we build together with you.

Filtration System

The approach to filtration or life support system for ponds revolves around keeping the energy costs low or running it on Solar to the maximum extent possible. The design of filtration system plays a very critical role in processing the wastes from the pond for healthy growth of fish and plants. Recycling of water and filtering ingress water during rainfall and keeping the surroundings safe are dealt with carefully.

Rockwork & Theming

Usually a pond is accompanied by a huge boulder in our designs, intertwined with various species of plants, shrubs, grasses and trees that will grow and develop eventually into one stunning landscape element of your garden or farmhouse. A place to sit out and relax and even creating recreational ponds, we do the whole lot, right from planning, civil construction supervisions and finally the specialist pond works are executed by our own team.

Fishes & Customization

The most popular fish most of our ponds are the Japanese koi fish. For aquatic plantation we use variety of lilies, lotus & Anubias. On the hedge we line up with Korean lawn, variety of tall grasses and flowers, and it really depends on the entire outlook that needs to be achieved. We would love to work with you on your next project to make it unique in all aspects.