Ponds that beautify your home

A healthy Fish Pond has clear water, active fish and thriving plants. It feels crisp and spreads freshness around it when maintained in top shape.

Beautiful fish ponds for your home.

Water brings entirely new levels of beauty and enjoyment to your home – the sound of splashing water; the movement of colorful fish, exotic plants and flowers… truly a sense of tranquility that is hard to find. A minimal & elegant approach towards nature-inspired fish pond can be observed. The exquisite elements that are sensibly fused in the design to generate a timeless synergy.

The making of a gigantic fish pond

When a client asked us to transform his swimming pool, on the top floor, in a Mumbai high-rise, into a Koi Pond covered with Acrylic panels forming a party floor, we took up the challenge with a smile.

Our team initiated the project from building a miniature model. Slowly yet steadily, we converted the swimming pool bottom and side walls into an ocean-bed lined with unique, intricate handmade aqua-scape artifacts.

Our next challenge was to lift up the large Acrylic panels to the top floor against strong winds. Next was to fit the Acrylic panel covers. Now we had to touch the water surface to the Acrylic cover ensuring zero bubble trappings. Our team acheived this task beatifully. We were able to provide a clear visibility of the Koi fish while standing above the Acrylic panels covering the pond.

Last was to build a robust filtration unit. The filtration unit would have to ensure water clarity under strong sunlight and also under the pond’s strong lights at night since the pond was to be the main attraction of the party floor.

All challenges overcome, our team enjoyed a brief moment of acheivement before we moved on to our next project. With joyous smiles, we stood upon the Acrylic panels covering the pond and enjoyed the beauty of the Koi fish below. Teaching the Koi Fish & Stingray to assemble at a certain spot each day for food remains our AMC teams continued pride.

Worlds most luxurious and awesome floor pond.

We’ve delivered a massive floor pond on the 20th floor more than 65ft, a unique floor pond delivered to perfection.

Beautiful pond
projects we are proud of

A classic masterpiece by MadOverFish hosts traditional & original Japanese Koi fish from ‘The Land of Rising Sun’ itself. Apart from fish, the pond also flaunts elite Japanese bonsai trees that are kept afloat using Japanese Lava Rocks with a rugged texture. It is a truly magnificent sight with Koi fish plunging in the pond ornamented with exclusive features.