Acrylic Panels & Blocks

At Madoverfish we have decades of experience in the use of Acrylic (PMMA) in aquariums and zoological exhibits. Flat, curved, tunnel sections, cylinders and all possible geometric forms can be supplied and installed by our expert team. Acrylic is the only transparent material suitable for large scale installations and has proven it’s suitability for over half a century.

Extra Large Panoramic Panels

Whether cast as a single piece or formed from seamlessly joining large pieces together, the limits of what can be done by MadOverFish are only in your imagination.

Acrylic Cylinders

Cylinders from less than 1 metre in diameter to Huge cylinders several stories high can be crafted by our expert team.

Acrylic Domes

Domes, half domes and other shapes can be cast to size for any application.

Curved Acrylic Panels

Panoramic views, walk in half cylinders, to gently curving viewing panels can all be produced by MadOverFish and their international team of collaborators and suppliers

Acrylic Floors & Ceilings

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Acrylic Tanks

Seamlessly and invisibly bonding acrylic allows us to produce any shape possible including all acrylic aquariums and tanks for 360 degree viewing

Perfect Transparency

Acrylic is several times more transparent than glass fo the same thickness.

Engineered to perfection

Extra Large panoramic windows can be cast and shaped to any size opening.

On site bonding

Extra large windows can be joined on site with seamless and invisible bonds to form enormous viewing panels without the complications of difficult logistics.

True viewing

Acrylic does not magnify, enhance or change colours so allows a full true view of the aquarium inhabitants.

Extra Large Panoramic Panels

Panels from 3m to over 50m can be achieved with the latest technology in PMMA casting and bonding. MadOverFish has supplied and installed some of the largest windows in the world.

Acrylic Cylinders

MadOverFish can supply and install any size of acrylic cylinder. Engineered to fit into any space and with all the required connections for filtration and electrical components. Let our designers and engineers come up with the perfect solution for your space.

No Seams or joins

Seamless, invisible bonding gives the effect of 360 degree clarity.

Cylinders are strong

The cylindrical form is inherently strong and each cylinder is engineered for the perfect balance between strength and weight.

The sky is the limit

From just a few meters to almost any height imaginable, an Acrylic Cylinder from MadOverFish has limitless potential.

Wrap Around Cylinders

Using our seamless bonding technology we can wrap a cylinder around objects such as columns or shafts, turning a construction necessity into a piece of living art.

Personal viewing bubbles

Small domes allowing visitors to access the inside of the aquarium in their own viewing bubble.

Panoramic Domes

Larger formed acrylic domes giving a sense of full immersion

Submarine Capsules

Acrylic is the only material suitable for viewing windows and hemispheres in submarines and diving bells.

Acrylic Domes

Acrylic domes from MadOverFish are either cast or blown to exacting dimensions, dependent on the size and depth. With our International partners we can supply and install domes and hemispheres in pure cast acrylic over 10m across!

Curved Acrylic Panels

Whether a gentle curved panel offering panoramic views or a wraparound view of huge school of fast moving fish, curved viewing windows made from pure cast acrylic are perfect for large aquariums.


Aquarium Tunnels are the most popular form of viewing modern Oceanariums. At Madoverfish we produce and install tunnels of any size or length. Our seamless bonding technology gives the effect of being completely immersed in the ocean. From 180 degrees to almost 360 degrees, our engineers and designers can come up with a Tunnel design fro any sized project.

Value Engineering

In collaboration with the world’s premier acrylic producers, Madoverfish optimises the production capabilities of the producer with the desired shape and form. This means that our clients get the very best value for money in the marketplace.

Wraparound demi cylinder

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Underfloor Aquarium

Walking on water is the effect of this underfloor aquarium.

Overhead Aquarium

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Saltwater Aquariums

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Saltwater Aquariums

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Acrylic Floors & Ceiling

The strength and versatility of Acrylic means it can be used for transparent floors and ceilings. Underfloor aquariums, water features and even overhead aquariums are all designs and projects from MadOverFish.

Acrylic Tanks

MadOverFish technical expertise in seamlessly bonding acrylic means that we can produce acrylic tanks of any shape or size. The limits are only in your imagination. Combinations of flat panels, semi cylinders, curved panels or acrylic bridges can all be designed, manufactured and installed by our expert team

Multiple viewing angles

Aquarium designed as room dividers, connecting corridors or as a central focal point.

Saltwater Aquariums

MadOverFish can design an aquarium to fit in any part of the building. Spectacular shapes and sizes to suit any environment.

Observation Tanks

The purity and clarity of pure cast acrylic is perfect for observing aquatic specimens and is used in research laboratories worldwide.

Kriesel, Jellyfish Aquariums

Madoverfish produce specially designed aquariums that keep water flowing in right direction for the care and maintenance of pelagic species such as Jellyfish.