Steel Mesh

Modern methods of containment in zoos and safari parks include the use of technically advanced steel mesh. The team at MadOverFish has spent years developing a mesh that is safe, non toxic, long lasting and maintenance free. This ‘invisible’ mesh is manufactured from black stainless steel and is in a continuous coil which means that there are not limits to the framing size.

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3D Concept Visualizations

Scale Models & Material Samples

Hi-tech ArchViz & Project Designing

Infinite design possibilities

Continuous curtain design means less bulky structure. Less structure means more viewing area.

Long lasting and maintenance free

Black stainless steel material means the mesh will not rust or deteriorate over time, which means less disturbance to the inhabitants and lower maintenance costs.

Safe and Non-Toxic

Does not need painting and does not include crimps, clamps or wires that can be hazardous to the health of the birds and animals.

Unbeatable Strength

Resists continuous flexing, gnawing and climbing and always returns to original form.

Mesh Structure Designing

The use of continuous coil mesh in Aviary and exhibit designs allows our architectural team to develop organic, informal and formal exhibit shapes that are best suited to the park and to the animals under human care. Continuous curtains of ‘invisible’ mesh allow for structures that have very few vertical and horizontal mullions as the mesh behave much like a fabric. Our team are ready to design tensile structures and geodesic structures to add a super modern element to exhibit designs.

Mesh Customization

The ‘invisible’ or ‘vanishing’ mesh is available in a variety of coil sizes and can be used for all variety of containments. From the smallest of birds and reptiles to big cats and primates. Each structure and grade of mesh can be tailor made for each exhibit. Coil mesh is flexible and adaptable. The flexibility ensures safety from impacts from inhabitants and or falling décor, vegetation and inclement weather conditions.

Larger coils for larger animals

Big Cats and Primates, coil size that can be species specific.

Mid sized coils for better containment and safety

Large birds, raptors and Large parrots.

Fine coil mesh for delicate and smaller species

Parakeets, lovebirds, finches and smaller birds along with reptiles and small mammals benefit from the smaller sized mesh

Made to order sizing for any species

Multi species exhibits, adjoining and connecting exhibits can benefit from the variety of sizes available.

Hard to see but easy to see through

The 3D profile makes the mesh difficult to see.

Flexible and strong

The coil profile of the mesh makes it safe and flexible but with greater strength than normal mesh.

Greater versatility

The continuous coil profile allows for seamless sections of mesh avoiding extra structural beams and mullions.

Neutral colors and shade

Matt black in colour the mesh neither shines or reflects light and allows the viewer a clearer, sharper view of the exhibits.

Invisible Mesh

The 3D profile of ‘invisible’ or ‘vanishing’ mesh decreases the eyes ability to focus on a single plane of view. Instead our vision passes through the mesh easier and makes it easier to focus on the inhabitants rather than on the structure. The infinite possibilities in architectural design with this mesh means that it can be spanned over very long distances without the need for structural support. The mesh behaves much like an extra strong fabric.