India’s Public Aquarium Builder.

MadOverFish prides itself on its successful completion of India’s Largest Public Aquarium. A few of our prestigious projects are listed below. Being India’s public Aquarium builder we pride in our technology and teams capability to execute large and complex projects.

Our ethics reflect in our work.

VGP Marine Kingdom, Chennai

MadOverFish has successfully executed India’s largest public aquarium theme park featuring 90 meters underwater walk-through tunnels bringing visitors closest to numerous exotic sea creatures allowing them to explore the deepest and darkest secrets of the mysterious marine kingdom. This project features 3 large panorama panels that were bent in our factory. The project has 35 exhibits for various fish including Freshwater, Cold water, tropical rainforest and has facility for Penguin as well. The total water volume for the main display tank is 2 Million liters or 20 Lac liters. This is the largest tank currently in operation in India. The tank has many sharks and is a wonder. We delivered and installed all the Acrylic for the project. It included complex bonding of extra large panels that had to be bonded on-site due to logistical reasons.

Gujarat Science City

The GSC aquarium project, another prestigious feather in our cap, boasts of India’s thickest & largest Acrylic panel (i.e. 330 mm) being 16 meters in length, standing 4 meters high. As India’s public aquarium builder, we strive hard to achieve logistics and handling of very heavy Acrylic panels & their installation. This project is currently under construction and is being done in collaboration of MadOverFish with Marinescape, New Zealand. GSC project in Ahmedabad, Gujarat will be the biggest Aquarium in India upon its completion with 52 exhibits in addition to the main Tunnel and Shark Tank. The project is due to finish by December 2019.

The VGP project in progress

The Final Outcome

Timely project completion is our strength

We have successfully completed 250+ projects across India and few in Germany, Poland, and Qatar. We understand your requirement, picture your imagination, bring it to reality using our varied professional skills and exceed your expectation. More than that we love providing excellent After Sales Services.