Residential Aquariums

We are the market leaders in India when it comes to stunning Acrylic residential aquariums in the luxury home segment…Period. This would be impossible without our customer’s support & open-mindedness to our ideas and execution.

Acrylic Aquariums

in Residences.

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Residential tanks

It may seem intimidating to some due to the amount of effort that goes into building a beautiful residential aquarium, but Madoverfish makes the job very easy for the client with minimal disturbance and planned execution. Our internal policies have only 1 rule, delivering tanks to perfection. Aquariums built by MadOverFish are just work-of-art beauties that become the central focus of conversations within families and friends. People are known to boast about their priced possessions, hosting more parties than they usually do and watching TV, literally goes for a toss!

We build aquariums that will make you wonderstruck.

With the advancement of technology in almost all fields of our lives, we employ some of the best practices to minimize maintenance of your residential Aquariums, by having Automatic feeders, self-cleaning systems, remote alarms, and even remote video & control if desired. Our premium aquariums usually come with touch switches, dimmer control, automatic time- set lighting and a host of technological features when necessary. Basically, we want to let more people know that maintaining an Aquarium is not an issue, it is easy and when done, it is fun. Our clients could go on a vacation, even for a month, knowing that the Aquarium and its inhabitants are safe.

MadOverFish to help you achieve the WOW X-factor.

Residential aquariums can be carefully planned and integrated with your interior designs. If keeping ready made aquariums on the stand is a thought, its very old and just not fashionable. A true symbol of richness in the house comes from calculating the size for the purpose and for the intended look to match your home decor.
We at MadOverFish take aquarium designing to the next level. Picture a wall partition aquarium, 8 feet long, 4 feet tall & 1 foot wide that divides your bedroom and bathroom with openable curtains at the back of the bathroom to maintain privacy.

The tank wall is designed to give a very modern look and feel. The aqua-scape of the aquarium helps to create the impression of space in the entire duplex apartment. The idea is to keep it simple with a touch of precise understated elegance. The tank is done in Acrylic and is the real beauty of the home.

A fish tank to greet visitors, Mumbai

A tank installed in a Mumbai high-rise

An Aquarium at Raipur

An Aquarium at Mangalore

Bar Aquarium at a Mumbai Residence

An Aquarium at Bangalore

Some of our other favourite Aquarium installations