Acrylic Engineering

Madoverfish is India’s premiere supplier and manufacturer of Acrylic Aquariums and Acrylic Aquarium windows, tunnels and domes. We have teamed up with the world’s #1 producers and manufacturers to provide the very best in acrylic engineering for the largest, clearest and most intricate panels. Whether it is a large home aquarium or gigantic panel for a huge oceanarium we can meet all your Acrylic needs.

Acrylic Supply

Supply of flat panels for Aquariums, Pools and other installations.

Acrylic Cutting

Panels cut to size, polished and prepared for installation.

Acrylic Bonding

Our bonding technology allows for seamless, almost invisible joints on all sizes and thicknesses of acrylic.

Acrylic Thermoforming

We can thermoform acrylic into any shape for the most imaginative of projects.

Acrylic Annealing

Our annealing process ensures long life and purity of the product for decades.

Acrylic Polishing

MadOverFish has experienced acrylic technicians to polish, chamfer and rectify any size acrylic panel. Giving the perfect, blemish free finish.

Acrylic Installation

Our team of acrylic installers have the knowledge, experience and technology to execute crital installations.

Acrylic Restoration

Bringing back acrylic to it’s former glory is an art form based on technical expertise.

Acrylic for Aquariums

Acrylic for Zoo Exhibits

Acrylic for Swimming Pools

Custom Large Acrylic Panels

Acrylic Supply

All of the Acrylic panels for Major Public Aquarium & Zoo projects in India have been supplied by us, period… We have supplied Acrylic from Germany, Italy and China and have great relationships, partnerships and exclusive dealership for India. With complete handling, logistics, delivery of large custom acrylic panels is done by MadOverFish. For certain large projects we collaborate with various Acrylic suppliers to meet the timeline and we understand the capacities and timetables of various manufactures and work with the client in order to get them what is needed in time and best price. Now with exclusive partnership with CLAX Italy, we work with CLAX hand in hand to design and delivery all the Acrylic.

Acrylic Cutting

Needs skills & experience. There are times when Acrylic is supplied with standard sizes from manufacturers and it needs trimming, there are times during project execution that the acrylic panels needs to be cut to fit a particular groove – we do it all. From in-house large CNC cutters to specialised shape cutting of large Acrylic blocks you can rely on MadOverFish to execute the job either in our factory or on-site.

CNC Large Axis cutting machines

Specialised hand tools

Skills & experience

Acrylic to Acrylic Bonding

Seamless & Invisible Bonds

100 % waterproofing guaranteed

On the site Bonding technology

Acrylic Bonding

Bonding of Acrylic usually has 2 aspects. One is Bonding acrylic to acrylic. This is necessary when creating a complete Acrylic tank, such as a cylinder or a box tank. It is also necessary when acryic has to be bonded to create custom large sizes that cannot be manufactured as a single block. The other part is bonding of Acrylic into concrete where it serves as a see through window. We do it all.

Acrylic Thermoforming

We have large ovens to create Huge Acrylic shapes and forms. Acrylic can be bent into variety of shapes. The air heated ovens work flawlessly with PID controllers to accurately control the heating and cooling cycles to create the design necessary. We have thermoformed Acrylic into Cylinders, Tunnels, Domes, Curved panaromic panels, Spheres and then more.

Cylinder Forming

Tunnel Forming

Concave & Convex Forming

Domes & Spheres

PID Controlled Ovens

On-site Annelaing

Annealing on installed & operational Windows

Custom jobs

Acrylic Annealing

We know how to ‘Bake’ the Acrylic. Our annealing ovens as well as on-site jigs help us to look into the finer aspects of Acrylic hardening. Annealing strengthens the Acrylic and gets rid of undulations and any deformities within the Acrylic including crazing. It strengthens the bonds and increases the longevity of Acrylic panels.

Acrylic Polishing

The most frequently used service for our team. From restoration of old Acrylic projects or during regular maintenance we continue to use Acrylic polishing both inside & outside Water. With specialized tools and compounds for scratch removal, rubbing, buffing and polishing we restore the Acrylic to pristine brand new just now bought panels. With use of micro-polishing tools to achieve the detailing needed, and with our teams travelling world over with Scuba divers, you can rely on us to get the toughest jobs done.

Scratch removals

Rubbing & Buffing

Micro scratches removal

Vapor Polishing

Carefully Planned & Prepared

Do it right the first time

Guaranteed results

Perfect Finishes

Acrylic Installation

We take the guess work out. Acrylic installation is our forte, with 1000s of successful and a track record for zero leakage over the years since inception, and adding to experience of our staff and worldwide collaborations backed by the worlds best manufacturers, we install Acrylic of all sizes anywhere and everywhere.