Livestock Sourcing & Supply

We can supply you with all the animals and creatures needed for your Zoo or Aquarium project. Sourcing animals and fish from right sources with certified sellers and distributors , from catching fish and sharks/rays in a holistic and respectful manner and transporting them to various projects worldwide we do it all.

Aquarium Livestock

Animal Livestock

Relocation Services

Quarantine Setups


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Sharks & Rays

Japanese Koi Fish

Amazon River Basin Fish

African Cichlids

Aquarium Livestock

Sharks, Groupers, Rays, Reef Fish, Large Carps, Japanese Kois, Oddballs – we supply these per project basis. We do NOT hold our own quarantine but have all the modules necessary to setup on-the-site quarantine facility. At our Marine fish catching station in Western coast of India in Konkan, Maharashtra, we engage with local fisherman and boats with our scuba divers to catch the Saltwater fish. For everything else we import them from varous distributors around the world

Animal Livestock

We promote animal exchange programs. With complete end to end connections with all the required licensing to source and supply animals based on local government permits we have supplied Penguins, Tigers, Chimps, Albino crocs and vaariety of exotic birds and reptiles.





Local Government norms & compliances

Caging & Packaging

Relocation Services

We have import licenses, transport and relocation licenses so regulatory part is covered. The challenges happen when a particular animal needs specific protocols to be followed at the time of packing, caging, vaccinnations, transport, travel by air, land and correct management with specialists.

Quarantine Setups

Quarantine setups are one of the most important aspects in animal & fish husbandry. Every fish needs to be thoroughly checked and followed through a set of protocols. Weather conditions, water parameters. Preventive medications, parasite eradication and passing through various health checkups for the animals is a must and needs careful and experienced planning

Design & Water Filtration systems

Glass Tanks

Health Checkups

Protocol followups

Careful planning

Water parameters


Hypo salinity


This is a delicaate procedure. There are times when it has to be done within few hours of arrival, if the transports have been delayed or any other external conditions caused stress to the fish. At times damaged packaging can occur and create stress to the animals – keeping handy oxygen cylinders and medications and even repackaging during onward transit are all taken care of and need to be understood thoroughly.