Specialized Lighting

Lights for Saltwater tank applications, Live Coral Reef applications, Night Safari lights, Zoo exhibit lighting, underwater lighting and more – the application variables are so huge that they need specialised focus on what goes and where and finally the how. With energy conservation modules and high efficient lighting we look into all of it.

Marine Penetration Lighting

Zoo Exhibits Lighting

Underwater Lighting

Artistic Lighting

Ultra Violet Lighting

Live Coral Reef

Artificial Reef

Lighting Crevices & Tunnels Underwater

Solar & Moon Cycle lighting

Marine Penetration Lighting

Marine or Saltwater Aquaria needs perfect lifting that enhance the colours of the corals, enable their growth by providing Vitamins through the light, right balance of UV exposure and obviously the right colours. From automation that brings the lights on gradually and reduces gradually and is tuned to the day/month of the year is simply awesome to have.

Zoo Exhibits Lighting

Although most of the animals are seen during the day, there are portions within the landscape within the exhibits that may be dark and mayneed to be artificially lit. Also there are instances when you want to have lights during dark to showcase the nocturnal nature of animals.


Energy Savings

Long Lasting

Weather Proof

Swimreef Marine lighting

Recreation pond lighting

Theme element lighting

Waterfall lighting

Underwater Lighting

Be it lighting an Artificial swim reef, a recreation pond underwater, lighting up a waterfall, or having lights to highlight some creative sections of the reef underwater where it would need spot lighting and create the ambience needed to make the exhibit underwater to stand out – at MadOverFish you can rely to make your project that special differentiating factor compared to what you see elsewhere.

Artistic Lighting

We create lot of Dry themes. They could be created in a restaurant, a lobby, in the bedroom on the ceiling, in your living room – basically anywhere where the customer needs to recreate nature without really having real animals or fish to deal with. You still need to recreate the exhiibit – Artisitc lighting is where it comes in.

Dry Exhibits


3D Mural Works

Relief Work

For Algae Control

For Highlighting Live Corals

For disease control

Increase Redox Levels in Water

Ultra Violet Lighting

UV lighting has very specific requirements. Too much or too less is a recipe for disaster. UV interferes with your vision, but also adds to those spectrum of colors that cant be seen. The colors of the fish and live corals or even artificial corals all need to be taken care of. Turtles need specific UV lighting to harden their shells. Specialized application for UV lights apart from clearing up algal growth – at MadOverFish you will get the right advise