Filtration Systems

Whether it’s a large home aquarium, an Oceanarium or an ornamental lake, Madoverfish will design and install the perfect filtration system for your needs. Using the latest 3D design and engineering software and taking into account all the desired parameters we will design a cost effective and efficient system. With components manufactured in our own facility and state of the art components from tried and tested suppliers worldwide we guarantee the most cost effective and efficient solution available. Our specifications are uniquely tailored to each project and we work hand in hand with our clients to produce a system perfectly matching your requirements.

Aquarium Filtration System

From basic biological filtration through to calcium reactors and bio-denitrators we will take care of all your aquarium filtration needs.

Pond & Lake Filtration System

Uniquely designed for each situation our design and engineering team will produce a system to meet any expectation.

Zoological Filtration System

Zoological exhibits with built in aquatic features are a specialty. Combining both the aesthetic value of the feature along with the biosecurity needed for the exhibits inhabitants.

Mechanical Filtration

Biological Filtration

Chemical Filtration

Diatomic Filtration

Process Design

Component Selection

Energy Consumption & Maintenance Considerations

Species Specific Filtration

Species specific filtration with specialist components (Live corals, polar seas etc.)

Aquarium Filtration System

Our filtration design and engineering team have over 100 years of combined experience. We carefully consider our clients expectations with regard to water clarity and quality and design a custom built system to suit exactly that purpose. Our system components are selected from the very best the world has to offer and can be combined with our own custom built components for the best in quality and value. Our installation team will ensure an efficient and timely installation and our biological and aquarist teams will commission, test and train staff on the operations and maintenance. Madoverfish offer a full turn key service with the best guarantees in the business.

Pond & Lake Filtration System

Pond is open to sky & to weather. Sone ponds are small and some are large. The approach taken to design a closed contained Aquarium compared to desiging Pond filtrations are vastly different. The expectations are different. Energy costs vary. However nobody will deny the wishlist of having CLEAR WATER in the pond and thats what we provide. Our designs are super efficient in capital and operational costs, are easy to operate and get the job done.

What's in or intended to be inside the Pond

Easy to Operate & Maintain

Using natural filtration elements

Crystal clear water

Target water parameters must be species specific

Design secret recipes from past experience

Crystal clear water guaranteed

Animal health & wellbeing guaranteed

Zoological Filtration System

Hippos shit in water, Croccodiles have very high Urea content in their feces, Jaguars and Tigers love to swim in water, and today the customer wants to see whats happening inside Water. Gone are the days when you only want to see Aquariums, now we need to see how animals behave in water and their intersting acrobats – thats where the highly specialised Zoological filtration systems come in play. Our Mantra is to design and execute with the animals in mind.


Professional Tools

We use Revit and AutoCAD for preparation of entire design of the LSS systems. Right from component designing, water flow calculations, plumbing and electrical layouts to contingency planning. Detailed equipment selection, component engineering, customised modules and the whole solution that suits the particular exhibit and application. We take the complexity out and make it easy to operate & maintain, that’s our mantra. It may appear intriguing, but our team members are all conversant and over the years we have seen our systems being extremely robust and easy on the clients personnel to operate with. Power gone and brought back – no problem, our system continues to work exactly where it stopped and where it ought to be.