Master Plans

Master planning of any aquarium or zoological exhibit, park or attraction requires a deep understanding of the needs of the animals, the staff and the visitors. At Madoverfish we can reflect on decades of design and operational experience to ensure that nothing is left out of the master plan. This helps guarantee a complete appraisal of all the required spaces, logistics and service requirements for any given project.

Aquariums, Pools, Ponds & Lakes

Starting with the species that will inhabit the aquatic environment, our team will develop a concept built around the specific needs of each species. We then integrate all the aesthetic features, technical support areas and the landscaping to make the feature as nature would have intended.

Landscapes, Scenic, Gardens & More

Shaping the environment and desiging open spaces that are beautiful, and easy to maintain are just part of the challenges we take on at Madoverfish. Landscape Architecture is an art form that brings the natural world into our urban society.

Zoological Exhibits & Wildlife Experiences

Understanding the needs of each species is of paramount importance in planning zoological exhibits. At Madoverfish we take the critical requirements and expand upon them to include behavioural enrichment, environmental enhancements, ease of maintenance and future expansion needs.

Museum & Interpretation Centre

Museums have evolved with the introduction of new-age technology. Modern Museums & Interpretation Centers world-wide have steadily adapted over time to incorporate latest technologically advanced digital modes of Audio-Visual communication to keep visitors engaged through their journey around the museum.

Concept Sketches & Project Presentations

3D Concept Visualizations & Virtual Reality

Scale Models & Material Samples

Hi-tech ArchViz & Project Designing

Dreams & Discussion

Be it a Zoo or an Aquaria, every dream needs to be discussed in detailed.


Putting the idea on paper, then looking at the costs, feasibility & that becomes very easy only with the right & big experience.


At this stage, the dreams have started to get shapes, now we add colors & features that would be exciting and unique.

For Presentation

The concept design at this stage quite clearly has transferred your Idea on Paper in almost totality.

Concept Designs

Our concept designs begin with an idea and then develop into a detailed project. We believe in putting the animals first. From the very first pencil sketch through to the detailed construction drawings we coordinate everything with our animal husbandry team. Our design philosophy is based on creating perfect environments for animals under human care.

Architectural Planning

Understanding the logistics, visitor paths, storylines and required infrastructure for planning aquariums and zoological exhibits is essential. With our teams experience in operations and management of wildlife based visitor attractions the process of developing architectural plans from concepts is a team effort that draws on all the special talents within Madoverfish.

Plan Preparation

Our creative artist now works with our Architect explaining the concept and this now is on the first step towards creation of the plan view.


Checking structural loads, thickness of Acrylic panels, size of Steel mesh, water volume everything goes into discussion.

Animal Care Planning

We work with animals and we think like animals. If a Mandril monkey exhibit needs to be developed, how the animal back of the house facility needs to be managed has to be thought of.

Putting it Together

Plan views, sectional elevations, costs, everything starts getting put together.

Element Preparation

With a very detailed Architectural plan in sight, we start looking into the details that make the difference between good and great.

3D Modelling

With a huge licensed library at our disposal with a collective experience of many decades we have the tools to do a great job with fluency.


With all the softwares such as V-Ray, Unreal Engine, Lumion, Blender, 3DS Max & Maya and experts in each of these softwares are in our team in-house to now start creating.

Videos & Presentations

The dedicated rendering Servers in our offices can create extremely realistic renders that give the true perspective of how the idea can get transformed.

Sketches & Schematics

The Madoverfish team includes graphic artists, designers and draftsmen. The process from ‘idea to paper’ is swift and efficient. We listen carefully to our clients desires and can offer well presented graphic interpretations of ideas in real time.