Project Cost Estimation

With project experience worldwide and the use of a wide variety of materials, suppliers and services, Madoverfish can provide accurate project cost estimations. With all the data from past projects available, our team use value engineering to ensure the best value in developing new projects

Minimizes Financial Risk

Project cost analysis shows if there’s a possibility of the project exceeding the budget and having low profitability.

Determines Project Feasibility

Using project cost analysis shows if a project is feasible according to your budget and the project’s profitability.

Helps Prioritize Projects

If you do a project cost analysis for several projects, you can determine which projects are profitable to pursue.

Get Support From Stakeholders

If a project cost analysis shows that a project is feasible and profitable, it may help you to earn support from stakeholders.

Uncovers Hidden Costs and Benefits

Cost-benefit analysis forces you to outline every potential cost and benefit associated with a project, which can uncover less-than-obvious factors like indirect or intangible costs.

#1 Technical Feasibility

Pushing the limits of what is generally considered feasible is our specialty. Our engineers and designers are continually updating the impossible to possible.

#3 Legal Feasibility

Working within the legal framework and the multiple facets of local, regional and national legislation our legal team is prepared to investigate all requirements to make your project a success.

Feasibility Study

Making sure your project is a financial success is critical to our own success. Using data and demographic information from numerous past projects we are able to accurately predict how well your project is expected to succeed. By carefully adjusting budgets and infrastructure

#2 Economical Feasibility

Calculating in multiple factors such as operability, energy and operational costs gives our clients a clear understanding of the true financial feasibility of any project.

#4 Operational Feasibility

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