Lavish Acrylic Swimming Pools

MadOverFish remains the ‘Acrylic King’ in India. We take Acrylic to places it was never used in the past, especially in India. We bring to you Swimming Pools. A trend catching on very soon in India is to have swimming pool side walls of Acrylic. An even more unique trend is to have the base of your swimming pool in Acrylic providing natural light and a beautiful view to your living room below.

Amazing Infinity pools.

Swimming pools are a great way to add a luxury feel to your project. Architects can give a great dimension to their designs. Infinity pools done in Acrylic can be a beautiful feature. We work with architects and contractors to execute such designs.

Stunning see-through swimming Pool

Incorporating a single viewing panel to the Pool or Pond allows a line of sight viewing angle. Most pools allow conventional designs. It’s always a great idea to go beyond conventional designs and offer a swimming pool that offer stunning visuals of the pool from a side or even from the room below the pool.

Well if you think you can integrate Glass here – think again. Glass is an unsafe option and with high water pressure and people using the glass as the wall to stand or dive, it is outright dangerous. MadOverFish uses huge and large size Acrylic windows to provide you with an ultimate pool view. We encourage Architects to get in touch with us and bring about better design language in their drawings. MadOverFish can help you create a 3D sketch of such pools.