Acrylic Viewing Shelters

Long gone are the days when visitors would see animals behind an iron cage or a steel cage. We design animal viewing shelters for the guests via large panoramic Acrylic windows. There are multiple applications and thickness calculations which allow the guests to view the animals up close and uninterrupted. It adds to the beauty and provides immersive views.



Unrestricted Viewing


Large clear views

Safe for animals & guests

No reflection

Long lasting

Acrylic Dry Viewing

These are some of the examples of the Acrylic viewing shelters which have no contact with water. The construction or erection of such acrylic panels is done by our team against a double sided Steel frame that allows the panels to be safely installed and indestructible.

Acrylic Underwater Viewing

When you want to see a Tiger swim in the water and you stand up close to it, that’s when the real drama begins. Now there are other animals such as Hippopotamus, and we as humans will never know how they look and swim inside the water. Part of the incredible advantages of our acrylic underwater panels is that it allows up close views of the animals in their true nature, observe and study. At MadOverFish we carry the right expertise to do structural load calculations and install the underwater panels perfectly.

Incredible up close animal views

Display true behavior of animals

Allows study and observation

Enjoyable animal swimming patterns