Aviaries are a key part of our work at Madoverfish. We always put the needs of the abirds and animals being kept under human care first. Our designs represent the latest in technological know how and the most recent understandings of the biological needs of our animal guests. We believe that the animals under human care should feel perfectly ‘at home’ and should thrive in an environment built specifically around their every need.


Architectural design to suit each individual species.


Infrastructure and support areas designed to make caring easy

Nature Inspired

Environmental enrichment in a naturalistic habitat.


Enticing and enhancing natural behaviors.

Concept Sketches & Project Presentations

3D Concept Visualizations & Virtual Reality

Scale Models & Material Samples

Hi-tech ArchViz & Project Designing

Natural Filtration

Flamingo pools with natural mud banks and bio active wading pools.

LSS Systems

Ponds and lakes with optimal conditions for a variety of waterfowl.

Wetland Aviaries

Incorporating water features such as lakes, ponds and waterfalls, we recreate a wetland environment that allows guests a peak into the world’s most threatened habitats. Using state of the art filtration equipment and the latest in avian architecture we incorporate every aspect of the natural environment into spectacular wetland aviaries.

Walkthrough Aviaries

The goal of the modern zoo or safari park is for the visitors to feel they have entered the habitats of the birds and other animals we care for. Walkthrough aviaries place visitors into the birds habitat directly allowing for passive interactions and close up views. An insight into the birds natural behavior and their interactions with their environment.


Architectural designs that allow birds freedom to fly and flock as they would naturally.

Visitor Walkways

Visitor walkways that compliment the naturalistic habitats bringing people closer to nature.

Amazing Water features

Additional features such as ponds and water features add movement and sound.

Back of the house elements

Strategically designed support areas and feeding stations.

Design Considerations

Aviaries designed around each species specific needs.


Safe and inobtrusive husbandry and care facilities.

Nature Inspired

Naturally recreated environments that replicate the natural habitats.

Eco Friendly

State of the art construction techniques, modern materials and sustainable infrastructure.

Exotic Aviaries

Recent breakthroughs in aviculture have saved a number of endangered bird species from extinction. Ensuring that birds under human care are kept and maintained in environments that ensure a long, healthy life and the opportunity to reproduce in naturalistic habitats is critical to the survival of many species. Bringing many of these exotic species to the attention of the public is the first step in achieving successful conservation programs.